Commercial Management

As Commercial Managers, we do our utmost to ensure prompt and cost effective operations and have the sole responsibility for the day-to-day smooth commercial management of vessels under time charter, voyage charter, in pooling arrangements and contracts of affreightment.

Some of our services in this area include:

  • Assistance with the employment of vessels
  • Voyage analysis, monitoring, planning and scheduling
  • Voyage instructions to masters
  • Bunkering arrangements
  • Liaison with Charterers
  • Vessel performance control
  • Timely freight/hire collection and lay time calculations
  • Disbursement accounts analysis, invoicing and timely recovery of charter expenses
  • Handling of P&I and cargo claims, commercial legal matters and charter party disputes


Our chartering activities are not restricted to any particular size or area of operations, but are tailored to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Our chartering activities are focused on:

  • Analysis of market trends on emerging chartering opportunities
  • Up-to-date advice on new business possibilities
  • Reliable and well established network of overseas brokers and affiliates in major maritime hubs
  • Negotiating and concluding periodic charters

Sale & Purchase

Our extensive in-house network and strong relationships with various shipyards worldwide allow us to provide customers with closer links in the sale and purchase market.

Our activities in this area consist of:

  • Broking services for the sale and purchase of second-hand vessels
  • Advice and guidance to owners for the acquisition or disposal of their assets