In the 14th Century North-Western German merchants formed a union setting aside state constraints with the aim of common economic interests known as the Hanseatic League.

Gradually the leagues’ success developed into Hanseatic cities. In its florescence there were close to 200 seaside and landlocked cities, mostly clustered in the Northern European hemisphere. The reason for the expansion was supported by urbanisation that required safe trade and a common idea. The Hanseatic League enjoyed a solid reputation for reliability, dependability and responsibility.

In 1972 “Hanseatic Ship Management Co. Ltd” in Limassol (Cyprus) was incorporated with the inherent philosophy based on that background. The initial four shareholders that formed the Company were all descendants from Hanseatic cities (Hamburg and Bremen) namely Bernhard Schulte, A.F. Harmstorf, Reederei Jonny Wesch and Hamburger Seereederei – Kontor.

With the subsequent withdrawal of three partners, Bernhard Schulte remained as the sole shareholder of the Company in 1988 that was in the meantime renamed to “Hanseatic Shipping Company Ltd.”

Derived from that establishment “Hanseatic Chartering Ltd” was incorporated in 1976 to provide Commercial Management services. The principles that made the Hanseatic League successful, acting responsible, reliable and authentic are the same values that Hanseatic Chartering Ltd have been built on.

Today, the “Hanseatic House”, home to Hanseatic Chartering Ltd is a recognized landmark known to locals from Cyprus, as well as international shipping business people.

We are proud of our Company’s heritage and always strive to uphold the principles set by the Hanseatic League. It is our commitment to always serve all our clients, stakeholders and colleagues in accordance with those ideals.

Hanseatic Chartering Ltd is active in Commercial Management, Competitive Chartering and S&P business in the Maritime Industry. We kindly invite you to take a tour through our new website.

A founding father of “Hanseatic Chartering Ltd”, the present Chairman of the Schulte Group,

Dr. Heinrich Schulte has endorsed this article.

The Hanseatic Chartering Team